We provide a genuine desire to provide quality supports ensuring individuals achieve their full potential. Please fill in the relevant details that we require to make a service booking below:

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With these sentiments, we provide a person-centred approach encouraging individual choice and control over their own lives. The Zeal Group is committed to providing experienced staff to work alongside you to ensure you achieve your needs, wants and aspirations in line with your NDIS goals.

Don't have the time to do the work needed to keep your garden or your home tidy?

Then why not take advantage of our friendly and professional garden and property maintenance services. We'll do all the necessary hard work so you don't need to get your hands dirty.

So whether you need your lawn mowed, that pile of rubbish removed, do you need someone to do tree removal/tree trimming, high-pressure cleaning or just need your garden situation under control... give us a call for a FREE QUOTE.

The Zeal Group always aims to provide a reasonable quote which is JUST for the work we do for YOU - no hidden costs.

In addition to a full complement of residential and commercial mowing and edging services, we provide lawn care options such as fertilizing, weed control, insect monitoring and core aeration.

You may wish to have us set up a Composting system for you. A composting area on your property will help you provide nutrients for your garden and minimize your waste.

We can provide you with a complete waste removal services.

Whatever you need, The Zeal Group Services is your hassle free, all-in-one property maintenance service.

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