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Managing weeds

At Sydney Lawnmowing we keep abreast domestic and rural weed management issues. We are able to advise our clients on ways to keep their properties weed free, be they lawns and gardens or larger rural acreage blocks. The information below is taken from Australian government and advisory authority factsheets and reports and summarises what we consider to be important aspects of weed issues.

Weeds are a serious problem throughout Australia. Many procedures and methods are available to manage the effects of weeds. The most effective means of weed control are prevention, early detection and eradication. In the event that weeds become established, procedures and methods for weed control are available to reduce their impact. Once the initial infestation is controlled, follow-up monitoring and control is required to ensure that reinfestation does not occur.

Weed prevention

Early detection and eradication

Biological control: Releasing a weed's native natural enemy such as insects, grazing animals or disease

Cultural control: Manipulating farming practices or enhancement of the native plant community

Physical control: Removal of weeds by mowing, mulching, tilling, burning, grazing or by hand

Chemical control: Use of chemicals, such as herbicides

Integrated weed management: Using a range of the above control measures

Ongoing maintenance

NSW State weed management arrangements

Who is responsible for managing weeds? The primary responsibility for managing weeds rests with landholders and land managers, but collective action is necessary where the problem is beyond the capacity of the individual landholder or land manager to address.

Successful weed management requires a coordinated national approach which involves all levels of government in establishing appropriate legislative, educational and coordination frameworks in partnership with industry, landholders and the community.


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